B R O O K L Y N ~ F L E A !

i’m getting excited for sunday april 6th, the first day of the new brooklyn flea. i’ll have a booth, and will be debuting some new items. i planning to sell at the flea only a few days each season, and haven’t committed to any days other than the 6th yet, so come out for the opening day!

i’ll have pillows, melamine plates, neck ties, tote bags, and copies of lines & shapes, volume 1 for sale. i’m sharing a booth with sian keegan, who will be selling her wonderful crocheted and hand printed goods. also at the flea– vintage clothes, furniture, salvage architecture goodies, records, locals artists, local food, and live music. full list of vendors here.

the details:

brooklyn flea
bishop laughlin school yard
lafayette ave, between clermont and vanderbilt
rain or shine

by subway: take the C or G train to clinton-washington

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  1. fun! please share pics with those of us who can’t make it to ny. looking forward to seeing your new stuff.

  2. yes it is… a new design.
    i’m glad you like it elisabeth! because i’m a little unsure about it.

  3. I love the new print!too bad that I will not be able to go the brooklyn flea…. it sounds so much fun!

  4. I just stumbled upon you site, your plate caught my eye…so sweet! Oh, this pillow is perfect too.

  5. ooh i wish i could go! i secretly wish you guys have some things left over to sell online 🙂

  6. i wish i could visit flea market! i love the pilow… is beautiful…

  7. Oh yes, do share pics from the Brooklyn Flea! I wish we had something half as cool where I live.

  8. ooh, brooklyn!! wish i could stop by to see you there – can’t wait to see the new stuff…!

  9. oh, that sounds so fun…wish i still lived in brooklyn! hope it goes well for you. i *adore* your new print.

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  11. hey! i meant to check your blog out all day yesterday and ended up forgetting, of course. anyway, i’m so excited about this! glad you’ll have a booth there…we’ll definitely stop by!