i meant to post these photos of mociun’s spring line sooner…
i have one tie front dress, and need another, so i will be getting one for those for sure (if it’s not too late already!!)
the photos have also been added to the mociun website.

(photography by amanda pratt)

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  1. the one-piece bathing suit is gorgeous! i think it’s time for me to retire my two-pieces….

    i love the blue pattern tie-front dress. i know what you mean about missing out on mociun pieces. i wish i lived in nyc…

  2. hi heather,
    no, i can’t say i did! i added the photographer’s name to my post, in case others were confused.

  3. Doilies! I love the doilies decorating the couch—and the photos, the clothes, the girls are all beauties.