i like the drawing style of these album covers by a number of small things. they remind me a little of one of my favorite illustrators, marcus oakley.

i’m reading so many great art/design blogs now (made much easier since i discovered bloglines), that i feel less inclined to post on my own blog. i’m happy to spend my time online browsing other sites! i still do want to post here as things strike me as inspiring. i love being able to look back through my own archives. but lately i’ve been overwhelmed with all the wonderful things i see daily on my favorite blogs…

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  1. love the album covers. and i know what you mean about browsing…sometimes you get enough of a blog fix that way:) xoxo

  2. Wow, those album covers are really cool. Do you know what the music is like?
    I use bloglines too, and it’s great because I keep collecting more good ones to read. But I do end up spending many hours reading blogs.

  3. oh beauty. i saw the seabear-record the other day and was about to buy it just because it was so beautiful 🙂 i’m sure the music is great.

  4. Having this experience as well. I keep finding so much art and lovely things to look at. I’m drawing like mad as well.

  5. Hmm, maybe I should work out how to use bloglines. I’m starting to feel overwhelmed by all the blog volume, and am finding myself reading fewer and fewer. Always like yours though, so do keep posting, pleez!

  6. Hey Lena,
    I just saw your post about the album covers. I am from Hamburg and the grafic designer who made these covers are just around the corner of my appartment. Have a look at their homepage.
    They even sell beautiful Hoodies and posters with their lovely drawings…
    Best greetings from Germany:)

  7. heather,
    try bloglines! it makes reading blogs so much more manageable.

    wow, it never stops amazing me how small the world can feel on this blog sometimes… i love the human empire shop, thanks!

  8. i can relate…it’s visual overload! and then one gets overwhelmed and can’t decide what one should post on one’s own blog!! 🙂

    (but please do keep posting on your blog…your’s was 1 of the 1st i discovered –from the purl bee– that lead me to everyone else’s blog!)

  9. what a find those album cover are.

    i also spend hours going from blog to blog to blog and wonder how on earth I sometimes end up where I do. i’ll have to check ou this bloglines thing.

    thks for a wonderful site