{ UPDATE } the prints are now available to purchase here. and more beautiful photos of them by maria here

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the port2port press shop will be updated tomorrow , with our winter prints set!
(saturday, 11am EST)

this is the first in a seasonal series, on which maria and i are collaborating… and i enjoyed it SO much. i’m realizing, more and more, how much i love doing collaborations with other artists. our prints are titled “frost” and were inspired by a photo that maria took of crystally frost on a window pane. the result was something different than my usual style, and i loved that maria’s idea pushed me to try something new, and work at a different scale. i’m so happy with the way they came out, and i really hope people will enjoy them.

~the details:

Winter Prints Set
with original drawings by lena & maria

set of two prints, handmade, numbered, 3 inks on each including metallics
small edition of 150 {125 for sale}
$18 per set + shipping

email maria to get on the mailing list and be notified when they are online

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  1. i am so excited for these, lena! i love snow and winter which your prints embody so well. can’t wait to see what’s in store for the other seasons!

  2. Congratulations! Those are beautiful cards. And I so love the sample thingys below too!

  3. thanks everyone… it’s so nice to hear positive feedback on these. they were a really special project for me!