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  1. I just splurged last night and bought it on amazon.jp The book is only about $25 but the shipping is that as well. I can’t wait to see it. If I’m lucking they’ll be some English as well…

  2. Lena, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see all your Japanese craft/pattern books (including ISBN). It’s overwhelming to find anything on amazon.jp when you don’t read a word of Japanese, but I feel like anything you recommend would be worth buying, sight unseen!

  3. ah that book store.. is like target.. you go there for one thing and come out with your wallet empty. *sigh*
    yeah.. like eve, would love to see your book collection! actually would LOVE to see book collection of many wonderful bloggers!!h

  4. looks wonderful!!
    i love tsumori… i need to get out to kinokuniya!

    last time i got something on amazon japan,
    there was a little box on the right that had a link to an english page…

    there’s also google translator.

  5. How much is it at Kinokuniya? I saw this book on ebay from a US seller and I regret not buying it!!!

  6. I just got the book and love it! Been drawing more, very inspired by it. There’s little writing, mostly images, not too long though, but everything is translated in english as well.