we had a little celebration/goodbye party for rena tom last night, who is heading out of brooklyn to set up a second rare device shop in san francisco. there seems to be a mass movement to san francisco lately! or at least a lot of people talking about moving.

the current rare device shop in park slope will become a joint shop of sodafine and rare device— a great combination! sodafine, owned by designer erin weckerle, is my favorite store for seeing one-of a kind pieces by local designers. best wishes to both of you!

i’m excited to check out the new “soda-device” soon, and also the new rare device next time i’m back in san francisco with my family.

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  1. I am very excited for this partnership as well. Erin is such a fantastic lady and has such a great sense of style. I can’t seem to go into her store without buynig anything…it is sickness, but I don’t want to get well.

  2. sounds like a wonderful gathering (and love that pic) looking forward to seeing the new rare device next time i’m in brooklyn..and also rena’s new venture in SF! yay!

  3. I love that picture. I am excited that there will be a rare device on the west coast, albeit in SF. im in LA. I always enjoy reading your blog so many wonderful things.

  4. I think it is gonna be great, but I will miss Rena for sure. Love the plate.