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  1. I LOVE Lucienne Day, what a genius!!…I have found converse trainers covered in some of her fabric, and want them so badly…. Have you got the book 20th Century Pattern Design by Lesley Jackson??..I think you would love it…xx

  2. Hi Lena, Glad you enjoyed my New Orleans Feast exhibit. I initially made it for Gracia as a welcome home installation and it just kept on growing from there. Love reading your blog too.

  3. Twenty twenty one….here …they are so great..they used to have other patterns, but the ones left are pretty great too!

  4. Oh I just saw that posypress left another link…there seems to be more designs there..GREAT!!!! and they ship to the UK..uh oh, I feel some spending coming on! -glad you have that book lena..its so good 🙂

  5. thanks for both of the links! i recognize the shoes now-i had seen them at the paul smith store and loved them. but i hadn’t realized the patterns were lucienne day. converse does great designer collaborations- my eley kishimoto converse are my favorite.

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