a quick little post… i finally went to ohio knitting mills in boerum hill. wow! the original ohio knitting mill was in operation from ’27 – ’03 and now this shop is selling all of it’s rare, and mostly one-of-a-kind, knitted samples. it’s like a museum, and fascinating for a textile fanatic like me. you can read more about it here. and i’ve posted more photos here. there’s going to be a party at the store this thursday (march 22) go check it out!

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  1. That store looks wonderful, I love all the unique jumpers in vibrant colours and adorable designs.

  2. expensive! rightfully so, i think, since they’re original samples… but out of my price range. most seemed to be around $150-$250.

  3. out of my range as well but even still – definitely going by when i’m in nyc in april. thanks for the links!