various vera scarves have recently been reissued, and are available at one of my favorite stores; auto. vera neumann was one of the most successful and prolific textile designers of the 20th century– she created about one design per day, over four decades of designing! she’s always been an inspiration to me, and i’m glad her work is getting some new appreciation.

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  1. i love vera neumann! her textile prints are amazing, and their mid-century look looks so right right now, when super graphics and bright colors are so popular. thanks for posting this lena! 🙂

  2. I LOVE Vera! I collect her scarves. I have one blouse and a set of napkins! Thanks….now I’ll visiting Auto’s website!

  3. You’ve just cleared up a mystery for me! We have two beautiful bath towels I bought second-hand. They’re very high-quality and I’ve always looked at the Vera signature, wondering where they heck our towels come from! I’m so pleased that you’ve cleared it up for me. Thanks.

  4. I always remember the huge gas storage tanks in Boston painted by Vera. They made a very strong impression on me as a child. My father recently mentioned that they were torn down. How sad!

  5. I’ve always loved Vera too, she’s so prolific. I have a collection of her tea towels, one is so funny it has shish kabobs and wine glasses on it.

  6. FYI, for anyone one who is interested, they have brought back the Vera prints via a new clothing line bearing her name. It is designed by Beth Bowley and she uses prints from the archives and updates the original silhouettes. So far, it is mainly tunics and dresses, but the prints are gorgeous. The sales rep told me they are looking to expand into housewares and, of course, scarves, but they had yet to partner with a manufacturer. I’m the buyer for a a small boutique in St. Louis and we are carrying it, however, I’m not sure where else it is available. If anyone is interested in more information, feel free to email me at And, by the way, thanks for your lovely blog!

  7. This has taken a long time, but I’ve finally taken a pic of one of our Vera towels and have it up on my blog today!