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  1. i am so jealous that you have a little friend for your walks, it just does’nt seem right to go for a walk without one! love your new dresser xx

  2. francesca-
    wow, thank you. coming from you, that’s a huge compliment. i’ve been meaning to post about your photography site, which i love. i’ll do it now.

  3. I love your photos, you´ve really caught the greyish beauty of wintermood. And the house photo makes me long for a N.Y trip pronto…., but i guess i´ll be stuck in scandinavia (good old Sweden) for aaaaages… and Gus, he´s gust adorable! What a sweetie! Reminds me in a way of my siamesecat Stellan 🙂

  4. Great images, Lena. You see beauty in what most people overlook or complain about. It’s nice to see someone with a positive outlook, I always love your photos.


  5. anna,
    hello to you in sweden! i wish we could switch places for a little bit…

    thank you for such a nice comment!

  6. Beautiful photography, love snowy pictures and the tall (mill style) buildings are so wonderful.

  7. Gorgeous photos! You should definitely print and hang the photo of you and your little friend on the wall.