we went to ikea yesterday and bought two malm dressers (cheaply made, but so affordable), and then on our way home we stopped by my favorite neighborhood store, repop (the best thrift shop in nyc) and bought another dresser– a vintage one that i love. so the dressers in our bedroom are getting an overhaul. (we have to use dressers, because our bedroom has only one tiny closet).

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  1. i love the malm, i had two but had to trash one because it couldn’t handle the amount of clothes i had in it and it busted. i am tempted to buy another because i love it so much. and your new dresser is amazing!!! it’s very unique. great find.

  2. fantastic… and i love the colour of your wall!

    I’ll be coming to NY in September (you have no idea how excited I am)… can I pick your brain for nice shops/cool places, galleries etc. to visit? I don’t want to be a tourist-guid-tourist, if you know what I mean!

  3. it is a lovely dresser! i have the *exact* same one, and it’s for sale (moved to a small studio). if anyone’s interested, try me at olukemi [at] hotmail [dot] com

    lena, i haven’t set a price yet… curious to know what you paid. thanks, kemi

  4. hi kemi,
    wow what a coincidence! are you located in NYC? email me and i’ll tell ya what i paid…


  5. i love Ikea for its affordability too. unfortunately my Aneboda dresser drawers are buckling and splitting. not cool!
    your vintage dresser is amazing! what a beautiful piece of furniture. what do you estimate its date of manufacture to be?

  6. Love your dresser! How much did you pay for them if you dont mind my asking?

  7. Oh. That vinatge dresser kills me. My parents had the EXACT same one when I was growing up. And to think in the early 1980s the childhood me thought it was ugly!

  8. i have the malm bedroom furniture from ikea as well- simple, affordable and pretty damn sturdy as far as ikea stuff goes! but your new vintage dresser is GORGEOUS!! i love it!

  9. OMG! I’m just browsing through your site for the first time (I know!), and see this dresser…and I’m surprised b/c my boyfriend was given the EXACT same dresser and chest-of-drawers two years ago from a friend. I’ve just inherited them from him this past week…and I have to agree. They’re quite cute. Now I appreciate my set even more.

  10. You got a great find with that fine vintage dresser! I love its many storage cabinets! Clutter-free!