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  1. lena, have you seen the lovely marimekko bag that kelly just posted about on hoping for happy accidents?

    it’s along the same lines as the b& w print here; reminds me also of those sweet inside-the-envelope patterns that you posted awhile ago from fly girl.


  2. hi phoebe

    i did see the great marimekko bag on kelly’s site! i generally don’t like black and white prints, because they seem too harsh. unless the black is washed out and soft, and then i love them…

  3. I wish TopShop would just open a NYC store. Every time I go to London, I have to spend an entire day in there.

  4. These are some great prints. I need to get to England sometime soon for Topshop. I can’t wait any longer for them to come to NYC; it feels like forever since the prospect was announced!

  5. hi tracey– thanks! since i usually post about things i’m inspired by, that doesn’t usually include my own work… but i should post more. thanks for the very nice comment!

  6. these two-tone prints work so well – there is a real trend for them this spring! i’ll have to make my monthly trip to Topshop and take a closer look!