i was so excited that my trip to san francisco coincided with the ruth asawa exhibit at the de young museum. i’ve been interested in ruth’s work for a while, but it’s hard to find much about her on the internet. sadly, ruth’s work has not always been given the attention that i think it deserves. some art critics considered her technique a craft and not an art form, because of it’s similarity to knitting and crocheting. i found her retrospective to be so inspiring, not only her gorgeous sculptures, but her study of repeat patterns while she attended the black mountain college. all photos are from the scuptures of ruth asawa, contours in the air. more here.

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  1. Lena, can you tell me where I can purchase the book/catalogue? Thanks for reminding me of how much I love her work.

  2. hi heather
    i made a link in my post to the book on amazon. it’s definitely worth purchasing!

  3. lena,
    i took an oragami workshop from ruth about 17 years ago. it was amazing. i must go see this exhibit.

  4. so cool lisa…
    ruth did a workshop at the de young a few days after i left. i was so bummed!

  5. ahhh i loved that exhibit so much.
    and the fact that it was next to the gee’s bend quilts too, it was an amazing day for me.

  6. Lena, I love your piece on Asawa. I, too, am inspired by her, and have been for a while.

    PS: I’ll be adding you to my blog list – I want all my readers to drop by your fabulous blog! x

  7. asawa is such a wonder. whenever i see her work i am just floored. so so glad you got to see the show [and that you got the book – which i am coveting!]

  8. oh gosh! outstanding!
    i’m coming to your area this week. maybe you want to meet up with me and grace for coffee on Thursday AM?

  9. i went to that show as well (i wrote a bit about it on my blog) and having never heard of her before was completely floored. i think my mouth hung open the whole time in awe! crocheted wire!