i’ll be adding new designs and products to my shop in early january… but i’ll be testing them out this weekend at the holiday sale. one big change (and challenge!) from my previous fabric products, is that i’m now doing all of the textile printing myself. it’s been great… very frustrating at times, but feels like it’s well worth the effort. i’ve been wanting to get away from just designing on the computer, and do more of the production myself, so that has been exciting. …a few more on flickr.

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  1. these are looking so nice — looking forward to seeing all the new designs! how cool that you’re doing more of the production yourself. would love to hear more about that; what process(es) do you use?

  2. thanks so much lisa

    i screen print the fabric, using large screens and water based ink. i would be happy to answer any specific questions you have!

  3. Can’t wait to see everything this weekend. I have decided to to rework my schedule so that I can come..it will be so exciting!

  4. these look amazing. congrats on the new lines. i am going to try to make it to your sale … on the late end. if i do i’ll introduce myself 🙂 have fun! mav

  5. lena, these are great! very cool that you are printing them yourself…looking forward to seeing the full pieces!