MADE BY HAND comes out today– hooray! working on a book like this is a long process. two years ago i met with my editors to discuss a new book, and then i began writing in january of 2012. that spring and summer i developed the projects with the contributing artists, and then in august i mailed all of the finished pieces to stephanie and maria, who photographed them so beautifully in their own environments. in october we all got together at the textile arts center in brooklyn to photograph the how-to steps. that week was so jam packed with creative energy and good food, i was sad to see it end. finally, the book was pulled together so nicely by designer brooke reynolds in the spring of this year, and then went to the printer in march. and now it’s in bookstores!

photo above of jaime rugh making the woven placemat project

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  1. I ordered my copy today – I can’t wait to see it! I don’t comment on blogs as much as I used to, but I pop in here on a regular basis, and always find something that triggers a train of thought, or some inspiration, and I wanted to say thank you… I hope your book sells like wildfire – you deserve it!

    Leah x

  2. My partner Hemant and I are graphic designers from Mumbai, and we both love pretty much everything about your blog. When we read about the launch of Made by Hand, we thought we’d check to see if it was listed on one of our best online stores, Flipkart. Much to our surprise (and delight!), it was. So we went right ahead and ordered it. It’s going to be about 12-13 days by the time we get it, but we know it’ll be well worth the wait!

  3. i received mine this weekend! it is gorgeous, amazing and so inspiring! i told my girls that it will keep me busy all winter long! i think they will want to join me too. 🙂 thanks for all your hard work! love, love, love it!!