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  1. somehow just discovered your blog. lots of inspiration! I look forward to keeping track of your ideas and images.

  2. I love this image…I am very much into traditional jewellery paint up’s with watercolour and gouache like this one…they are all being phased out now because of CAD..a total crime in my book!!! I like nothing better than painting jewellery to look like a photo, it fools so many people, such fun! 🙂

  3. abigail~ ooh i would love to see some of your watercolors/paintings of jewelry. are they on your site?

  4. Beautiful gem stone image, so pale and wonderful! Great blog too, I’ve also just discovered it.

  5. thank´s for commenting on our blog too 🙂
    you were almost right, we live a little bit more south, in beautiful germany! we truely enjoy your blog!!

  6. I have just begun to post some of my sketch book pages on Flickr (you can link on my blog)..and you can see glimpses of some of my watercolour patterns behind bits of my jewelry in the degree show collection, but I havn’t posted any paint ups yet..but I will 🙂 xox