the gift on grand
december 16 from 11-8pm
at 33 grand street

i always try to buy as many holiday presents as i can from independent designers, and this shopping event will be a great place to do it! i’ll be there (debuting some new designs!), along with a long list of fabulous designers. more details here.

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  1. Fabulous, I think buying from independent designers is such a great idea and the presents will be unique and lovingly created too. I wish I could be there…

  2. i would have been in it, if it were not for the trip i’m coming back from a couple days before the event. 🙁

    but i’ll be there to shop + look!! 😀

  3. i’d love some holiday cards with the little person in the scarf. wish i could be there too.

  4. I am going to work my hardest to get there. It sucks but I am going back home to Jersey that day though hopefully I will be able to come out in time and support.

    Are you planning on being in any other craft fairs this december?

  5. I finally decided to do it! I will look forward to meeting you finally. You are big in Brooklyn. I hear about your work all the time.

  6. hi elaine,

    glad to hear you’ll be at the sale! i’m looking forward to meeting too. (i’m definitely NOT big in brooklyn though!!)

  7. hi jessica–
    this is the only holiday sale i’m doing… hope you can make it! (i love your blog!)

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