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  1. oh, i don’t have the second book,
    i must look into it when i’m in midtown!
    i have this one, Particle, and it’s amazing, too.
    wait, i think i told you that?

  2. these are amazing! how did you end up ordering these books? the site looks like it’s all in japanese.

  3. i went into the kinokuniya store in NY and they sent them from their japan store…. i think they are available on yesasia.com
    they are wonderful!

  4. ooh i love mina! i have print, textile as well as embroidery, AND particle, and another one… i can’t remember. i had a friend send them to me from japan, and i never regretted it. i hope you can get them too! i knew you’d post about them on your blog one day.