the new york times’s special travel magazine came with last weekend’s paper, and it had some really great features. one was a shopping guide to chicago’s wicker park. i’ve only been to chicago once, about eight years ago, but if i go back i will definitely check out the wicker park area. shops included: jade (top left) & paper doll (top right). i also really enjoyed the story on the philadelphia art scene (which made me think of designers erin and emily). i loved the photo of alex da corte and his big stuffed sculptural pieces. lastly, there was a great story on munich’s famous porcelain manufacturer porzellan manufaktur nymphenburg (that was redundant!), which has been making traditional ceramics since 1747, but also manufactures less traditional works of art by designers like hella jongerious and ted muehling.

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  1. i recognized the shell-shaped nymphenburg bowl instantly! it is on my wishlist forever! …if it wouldn’t be so expensive. i adore their modern pieces! i think there’s another one of these in light blue which is just so so beautiful!!! i also like the white modern vases.

  2. hey lena, we just moved to Wicker Park from Queens and I’ve got to agree, there is a great indie vibe here. it came out big time when the renegade craft fair was in town. Come visit!

  3. i know…i felt bad about cutting alex da corte’s head off! but i’m not sure how the ny times feels about the posting of their photos… so i usually crop them a little bit.

  4. Lena, you would definitely love Wicker Park. There are so many great shops and restaurants around there. I also recommend checking out Andersonville, which is just a bit farther north. It is an old Swedish neighborhood and is just a wonderful little neighborhood.