haunted house (church) next door…
experimenting with printing on wood…

a few photos… i haven’t had much time to post lately. i’ve been (happily) busy with: getting used to my new ruitine with gus, filling orders for the d*s shop (which finished up this weekend, thank you again grace! i’m looking forward to the new set of designers this week), and hanging out with out of town visitors…

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  1. hi lena!
    i love your little wood printing experiment. glad you are staying busy! kisses to gus.


  2. lena that new wood piece looks fantastic! i think you’re really on to something with these 🙂



  3. wow that is so beautiful.
    something about white printed on wood (especially FOUND wood) is amazing!!

  4. Your new prints on wood are fabulous and I love Gus and his adorable red sweater ! :)I wonder if my siamese cat would like someone like Gus to hang out with ?! Probably not,unfortunately !

  5. Must ask; Is the church next door really haunted or am I missing something…? Tell me more! Love ghoststories (if there is some)!

  6. anna~
    it’s not really haunted! (as far as i know!…) the church has been vacant for about 10 years, and it’s very spooky!

    for this one i carved a stamp and printed on the wood by hand. for the blocks in the design*sponge shop, i had a screen made and printed myself.

  7. Sounds interesting… a VACANT (for about 10 years?! It MUST be haunted!) and SPOOKY church! I want that kind of neighbour too!


  8. lena, I’ve been meaning to tell you how much I love your wood blocks, I acted too slowly and of course now you’re all sold out. Which is fabulous!

    I really love your experimental stuff too!
    Hope you’re having fun with your pup 🙂