we loved berlin….

we bundled up and explored the city in record breaking cold. we stayed at casa camper in mitte– a cozy home base in an ideal location. some favorites near our hotel were mulackstr shops, do you read me?! book store, the barn cafe, and mogg & melzer delicatessen. the subway system is fast and easy to navigate… and i loved that you can drink a beer and bring your dog on the train (so civilized). even in the extreme cold the city felt so full of energy… very much like new york. more photos soon.

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  1. I fell in love with Berlin this past fall while working there on an exhibition at the Jewish Museum. Such good energy. And such a green city. I’ve loved revisiting on your instagram and here.

  2. I am always curious how visiting people look upon berlin. this refreshes my view on my home-town. a little bit like new york? exciting idea.