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  1. hi- i just wanted to tell you an unimaginable thing that happened to me this week- related to your blog. about a month ago, you posted a beautiful farmhouse which prompted me to link to the apartment therapy post it came from. i love this house as it fits my dreams about starting a tiny farm with a small house on it. i showed my daughter, who shares this dream, and also my husband, who is supportive. we drove from our home in kansas city to austin, tx over the holidays- just to visit a place we’ve never been. my husband, knowing my love for this sort of thing, found an area of town he thought had some urban farms. you see where this is going, but i sure didn’t! we drove in and i recognized the house and farm! crazy internet! 🙂 thanks for all your incredible inspiration! your asthetic is lovely!

  2. WOW! I completely forgot that there was such a thing, and have been instantly transported back to the 70s. Seeing those has inspired me to revive them….perhaps a nice knitted version with some comforting words….
    Thanks Lena. Your blog has been a consistent favourite over many years.