i found ben loiz’s website a while ago, i can’t remember exactly how… by clicking around from link to link probably. i love his work & enjoyed seeing some of his new projects, recently updated on his site. top photo is a patterned wall mural for Nike, made from soccer ball prints (scroll all the way to the right on his website for a video of the project). bottom photo is a tee shirt for kayon r.o.a. and he has an sweet online shop neenoon with his wife renee loiz.

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  1. thanks for this link to ben loiz, lena. i love his work for nike! i also love that his partial client list includes nieman marcus, coke, and…. hello kitty — so funny! i check your blog often – your links and photos are always terrific! -jp

  2. how totally fun are soccer ball prints? we did tennis ball prints with our children when they were little and they loved it. always good to have fun with your art. you always find the best things lena, thanks!

  3. mav
    wow, such a great compliment to ben loiz! i think that is what every artist is going for…