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  1. Hi Lena, now that you are 29, it’s time for a realjob, or a baby. No more of this artsy stuff, although I do like the ties,especially the one your dad wore to the wedding. I never got to see you in SF,but I read you had a good birthday. Me too. We had brunch with Ed and met his significant other for now. And we got your mon and dad in the ocean boogie boarding. You’re next. love Lacey’s dad

  2. ha!

    happy belated birthday alan! wish i were there in SD! you guys would totally kick my butt with the exercising…

  3. hi – i’m new to this blog – learned about you via d*sponge. happy to have stopped by – this clock shot knocked me out. you are spot on that the texture is incredible! i too have a soft spot for old clocks. thanks for posting.