it was a nice and flattering surprise to see that our wedding was listed among the top 10 real weddings in this special issue of martha stewart weddings magazine. sometimes i think about what i would choose for a wedding today, maybe differently from 6 years ago. josh was the one who convinced me to have a proper wedding, i always wanted to go to city hall and then have a big party at a restaurant or in a park. my style has changed a bit since our wedding so i would do some of the details differently… but overall our wedding was so fun, laid-back, and it was a real group effort from friends and family, so i wouldn’t change much.

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  1. this probably sounds stalkerish (umm), but i clipped out the original article from years back as wedding inspiration. from the stationary to the place settings and clothing…i loved everything about it. and i have to say it still looks fresh 6 years later! the group effort aspect also stuck with me, although our wedding turned out to be the total opposite.

    • I think I discovered your blog through your wedding. maybe? anyway, I, like Erica, used a lot of your wedding as inspiration for ours too! definitely one of my all time favorites as well.

  2. Yay! Your wedding is still my favorite wedding. Even though I wasn’t there. : ) I can understand what you mean since my style has evolved since my wedding too, but I still think your wedding looks perfect. It’s so you! And that is a beautiful thing. It looks like it was such a vibrant occasion, full of pure joy.

  3. Have always loved your wedding and it was the primary inspiration for my own, especially the Marimekko back drop! Lovely.

  4. Ooh, do tell: what would you do now? I mean, it’s lovely you don’t have to plan a wedding with a baby on your arm, but a few fantasy choices maybe?

  5. Lena,

    your wedding has definitely been one of my very favorites. I still have the Martha Stewart mag it was featured in that you gave me. :] I wish I could say that my reception was as pretty as the pictures I have seen of yours, but those details were pretty much neglected and I get sad about it sometimes. Luckily though our dance party and photo booth were great memories…I think the reason that your wedding is in the top 10 is because of the kind of person YOU are….. it radiates through the photos. 🙂 <3

  6. Lena – I, like these other girls said, have also loved your wedding! I have clippings and pictures saved on my computer of the fabrics, patterns and colors. I am very inspired by the fabric patterns and am doing something similar with my upcoming wedding. We are also doing the mis matched crafty dinner plates. You should be extremely proud of how original and stylish your celebration was. I’m so glad it was shared!