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  1. Sweet. I like this photo, especially because I worked at a school for several years.

  2. I like the idea that if you disband the idea that is a school window, you notice all the little things and the lovely patterns.

  3. i *love* this picture. the shadow cast by the tree, the colours and textures – it’s fantastic. it would make a nice basis for a screenprint.

  4. thanks so much sharon~
    i agree, lots of elements in here… would be fun for a screen print.

  5. you’ve got such good eye!
    that’s not the ps 20 on the lower east side, is it?
    some of my students (that i tutor for after school program) go there…

  6. hi stella~

    this is ps 20 across the street from me in brooklyn. what age kids do you tutor? i did a training program to tutor in the public schools, but i haven’t started yet.

  7. hello,
    i as well love this photo, i hope that on sunny days the light colors into the classroom…!

  8. hey lena – that’s so cool.
    i just volunteer at a free afterschool tutoring program for k-6 kids in my hood.
    mostly i help them with homework and help the staff take them to do things they normally can’t do (like ice skating, the zoo, etc). it doesn’t help me financially at all, but it’s so rewarding, and i just love those kids…