i was reluctant to join instagram (more distraction online) but i really like how simple it is and that i can easily click around to find new people’s photos– like these from kei yamazaki, a graphic designer in japan.

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  1. These are gorgeous – maybe it’s just the arrangements but there is something that makes this look fresh and unique.

  2. Wow, these plates are so amazingly and deliciously composed! Makes me want to try and replicate!

  3. I been enjoying her photos on instagram also. Her breakfasts are beautiful. It is amazing she arranges such a plate every single morning!

  4. How do you click around to view new people’s photos? i love instagram, but i don’t think i have figured out the best ways to use it….

  5. sarah,
    are you following other people photos? if you go to my photos you’ll see people’s comments, so i’ll click on a name and look at their photos, and then the photos of people who have commented, etc, etc… not sure if i explained that well!