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  1. oh yes! totally remind me of jonathan adler..or i guess the other way around. gorgeous!

  2. definitely the other way around. alexander girard, beatrice wood, etc etc etc. where would jonathan adler be without all this “inspiration”

  3. I´m a huge wiinblad fan – I bought a lovely plate at the flea market, for almost nothing 😉

  4. That top one looks just like Raymond Peynet. I absolutely adore Peynet. A national treasure in France, few people in the states seem to know about him. But on ebay, there is some of his ceramics. There’s a wonderful museum of his work in Antibes, which is where I first learned of him.

  5. Is it a coincidence that the bottom piece looks like a lowly peg wooden doll? Interessant.

  6. As a Dane, I adore Bjorn’s work, and have collected a number of his pieces over the years… Its so fun to see his work back in the spotlight again!!!