tamar had cookies at her party yesterday made by the owner of zucker bakery in the east village, a good friend of hers. i can’t eat gluten, except for a bite here or there, but i splurged and tried these… and they were some of the best cookies i’ve ever tasted. the one on the right was like a delicate shortbread with a layer of dulce de leche inside and coconut on the edge. the one on the left was chocolate and coffee, somehow perfectly airy and dense at the same time. wow. i’ll have to take my mom to the bakery when she visits next, i know she will love them.


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  1. The one in the right is alfajor… I’m addicted to those! I really love your blog, I almost never comment!

  2. what happens if you eat too much gluten?

    I have an egg allergy that I have a “quota” for. And it’s weird. Sometimes I can eat 2 slices of cake and only taste deliciousness, but half a cookie and it makes my tongue tingly.

  3. hi kristy, i replied to your comment a while ago but it looks like it never posted! i get bad stomach aches from gluten. i seem to have a quota too– sometimes i’m surprised that a little amount can bother me, and other times i’m ok with more.

    thanks for the link, alyssa!

  4. Hello there, first time I read your blog, it´s lovely! And I was a good surprise, since I´m from Argentina, to see the “Alfajor de maicena”! It´s a typical sweet for us and my favorite one. Just to tell you, in my awful english, that here we bake it with cornstarch, it also takes a little all-purpose wheat flour but it can be done with cornstarch only. I found this recipe that looks really good: http://www.mis-recetas.org/recetas/show/11066-alfajores-de-maicena-para-celiacos. You can translate with google. Good luck! / Julieta.