i’ve been posting more lately because using wordpress is so much faster, easier, and more enjoyable than blogger. wish i had made the switch a long time ago!

i started a new section of my blog called BOOKSHELF (i also added the link to the right sidebar). as i say at the top of the page, i love books, and i like supporting books that i love. the page will be ever-changing, with new books that i’m enjoying added regularly.

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  1. Interesting, I’d love to make the switch. I’ve been hating posting because blogger is so hard to use. Did you migrate everything yourself or did someone help you? Any tips?

  2. I tortured myself over which platform to use when I started this summer… your blog layout is certainly lovely. I’d love to know what the pitfalls were of making the switch… Lena – could you give us your opinion? Claudine

  3. hi claudine and shayna
    my husband josh did it for me since he is a web developer. i’ll to ask him what he would advise for someone switching to wordpress without the help of an expert! more soon….

      • Hi GFG,
        Installing WordPress on your own server is actually not that difficult, and you can find great documentation at http://codex.wordpress.org/
        WordPress make is relatively easy to import existing blog content – just go to Tools>Import.
        To style your blog, find a theme online that you like, there are thousands of them, and lots of free ones. If you know CSS or have a friend that knows CSS, you can use a minimal theme and then customize the design to your liking. Hope that helps!

  4. Speaking of shelves, where do you find hardworking shelves such as those? I need some shelves that will work hard for me.

  5. i can’t remember where i got them, it was from an office supply website. try googling ‘heavy duty shelves’ or ‘industrial shelves’ and some should come up.