while exploring the brooklyn salvation armies last week, we found ourselves outside the broken angel building in bedford stuyvesant (location of dave chapelle’s block party). it’s a mesmerizing building! it reminds me of a place i went to when i was a kid, called the adventure playground– a junkyard jungle gym, where (at 8 years old) we were given wood, hammers, nails, & paint to build whatever we wanted, without supervision. it’s one of my favorite childhood memories because it was so exciting to have that kind of freedom to be creative. i was surprised to find out the place still exists! it was started in the 1979, by a man who studied child development– he believed that children have the most fun designing and building their own environment. there were adventure playgrounds in other parts of the country and around the world (it started in scandinavia). does anyone else have memories of going to one?

broken angel photo is from onebadapple’s broken angel flicker set

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  1. hi lena!
    it was great to meet you last thursday! you were right by my house! the couple that live there are often shopping in that salvation army. its funny, after block party came out, now when i walk by, there are always 3 or 4 people with their cell phone cams taking pics of the building. i have yet to see block party…have you seen it? hope to talk to you soon!!
    xoxo jenny

  2. Very interesting ! I love the idea as well as the fact that these places exsist for children to go and build and be creative.My Son loves Dave Chapelle.

  3. I went to the same adventure playground as you…. Recently I went back there on bikes at night with a friend, it really looked different. I was bigger than it was. remember the zip-line?

  4. yes! the zip-line was so cool. i had that same sensation going back to the children’s playground in golden gate park after years and years… i remembered it being ENORMOUS, and it’s not so big!