we are still getting tomatoes, peppers, and oregano in the garden.
is anyone else having trouble with the new blogger format and larger photos?

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  1. This post was the biggest in my RSS feed (which is a good thing). The first test was pretty mini. Otherwise I haven't had any problems.

    I haven't posted before but I really enjoy your photography. It's very helpful in kickstarting my more creative brain post uni. Thanks!

  2. yumm… my tomatoes didn't ripe this year again. Bad Seattle weather never gives enough sun to my vegetables. :(( Yours look awesome.


  3. Lena we are definitely having quirky hiccups with the new blogger. chopping of bits of photos and such. Coming into spring here so out tomatoes have just been planted!

  4. i'm not sure about the pics in blogger, but i was having tomato trouble this year! (i posted about it too last week) we had such a late, lousy summer we only got about 4 tomatoes not long ago.

  5. i spent the weekend at my mom's house in CT this weekend and her garden is also still going strong! lots of tomatoes, kale and parsley. the yellow tomatoes are my favorite!