i was happy to recently receive two new books by julia rothman. the first is drawn in, based on the sketchbook series from her blog book by its cover, and the second is farm anatomy, curious parts & pieces of country life. drawn in features artwork by many of my favorite artists/illustrators, including vanessa davis, camilla engman, and mike perry. farm anatomy, filled with julia’s illustrations on every page, covers all aspect of rural farm living. congrats, julia!

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  1. i've always loved books that allow you to peek into sketchbooks/journals of other people. 🙂

  2. hi sara,
    the costs of buying books does really add up… but farm anatomy is only $11, which, as a small book publisher, sounds so cheap to me! books like these, usually made in china, can be sold so cheaply– whereas small production books made locally need to be sold for much more.

  3. $11 is a steal for such a beautiful book, and there's a place in my bookshelf just waiting for farm anatomy. what a perfect theme and storyline to make julia's illustrations shine.

    thanks for sharing! i love your book recs, always.

  4. Oh, she is so talented isn't she, I just love her style. I just realized I am having my coffee from a JR Mug…creepy.

  5. Sorry to have to leave a negative comment, but… it often amazes me how people manage to make a living by drawing unskilled, childish pictures. Have they never heard of proportion?? Again, sorry. Just my opinion!