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  1. these baked goods look delicious! my housemate is currently baking bread and the smell is driving me crazy! i just wanna eat!

  2. I will remember this for my next trip to SF. I wouldn't mind one of those chocolate chip sea salt cookies right now!

  3. These cookies sound too good !
    Love the whole design and your pictures ar very lovely…

  4. thanks so much for the tip! i think i might have to make a run to the ferry building at lunch!!!

  5. A co-worker just brought these in. YUM. I highly recommend the pop tarts too! (PB&J, strawberry, brown sugar)

  6. I am obsessed with those macaroons but I didn't know the name of the bakery until now! I have been buying them at the Ritual on Valencia street. They are beyond good…so happy to learn who bakes them!

  7. waou everything looks so
    delicious!!!!i wish i had a bakery like this in my mountain in south of france…

  8. the ferry building is one of my most favorite places in sf.. definitely, stopping by for a macaroon, and more, the next time i'm there. thanks for the recommendation, and yummy photos <3