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  1. I've made them. They were amazing – quick as well-since there wasn't flour they mixed up all in just one bowl.

  2. lena thank you so much for posting this! i made this recipe just a few hours ago and they were a big hit 🙂 i strongly recommend them. they are going to be my go-to holiday recipe because they are super quick and easy to make..


  3. Those cookies look absolutely delish! And the lack of flour sounds like a great idea. If only it wasn't too hot to cook lately with the weather…

  4. jajajaja I tried something similar to this, was the last Hallowenn, the cookies end totally different to my imagination final shape, I wanted a cute Dracula, Werewolf, Frankestain and a Mummy, but I ended with something more similar a to MudMan jauajuajau.