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  1. I love it so much! Dang that was fun. And Eli helped too! Well, by that I mean he was strapped to you while you made it. : )

  2. So beautiful! I agree, that was one of the best craft projects ever…I want to make ten more!

  3. How did you girls make them?! Is there a dreamcatcher 'recipe'? This one is so beautiful. I would love to make one!

  4. hi alexandra
    jenny looked up instructions on youtube for how to knot the spider web part. i cut branches from my back yard to use for the hoop. and we used feathers and shells for decorating. we just sort of winged it, and they turned out better than i expected!

  5. oh it looks beautiful. i used to have a few dream catchers up years ago, but they all got lost in various moves. it would be fun to make your own!

  6. looks great! i've been wanting to make one for a while… now i'm inspired. šŸ™‚

  7. Thanks Lena! The one in your photo is really lovely – I might have to try it. You girls are so crafty. I love it!

  8. love it! my best friend made me a great dream catcher for christmas. they're so beautiful!

  9. you did a great job with it. I don't know every time that I see a dream catcher the first thing that It comes to my mind it is the movie Dreamcatcher from Stephen King.