josh got me this beautiful muny baby blanket for mother’s day. i’ve had my eye on it at feliz. the blanket has three layers– the middle layer is block printed indian fabric and the outer layer on either side is unprinted gauzy white fabric. the woman at feliz explained that indian baby blankets are made this way so any roughness from the printing ink doesn’t touch the baby.

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  1. Oh, I just saw these at Stel's in Boston yesterday, and they're beautiful. Such a sweet gift!

  2. So nice to see these. The sheer fabric used is a very light weight and soft cotton called 'mulmul' in India. It's really really soft.
    A little curious about how this washes. Are their stitches to hold the layers together?

  3. Yeah! Thanks so much for posting this, I was just wondering what to buy for a friend with a new baby boy, and this is simply perfect. I bought the black leaf version, weeeee!

  4. the sheer fabric is so beautiful. didn't know stel's has them, now i'm going to have to visit and check them out in person!

  5. Thanks. your comments are so encouraging. The blanket is from MUNY (pronounced moo-nee) is a new company launched by me a month ago. I am a designer based in brooklyn NY. All our products are handmade and custom hand block printed. To answer Poorvi's question, they are machine washable and low tumble dry.

  6. hi samara, your line is so nice! i love it!

    poorvi, my husband accidentally washed it on hot and dried it in the dryer yesterday and it looks perfect. the layers are not sewn together, but they lay flat.

  7. Hi Lena,
    I love your design aesthetic, your textiles and maps. Hope to bumb into you in the neighbourhood as I live in clintonhill. I hang out often at fort green park with my son and the farmer's market. Have lived in this nabe for 12 years.

  8. wow! i am blown away by this line! thank you for sharing. hope you had a wonderful mother's day, lena!

  9. Adorable blanket!

    Unrelated question:
    I noticed in your food photography that you use cloth napkins. Do you wash them after each meal or use them for a couple?


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