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  1. I completely agree. Yesterday it was so sunny I went out without a coat (OK so I was wearing 3 layers) but it felt so nice! I can't wait for the spring to arrive (it's cold and rainy again today!) x

  2. I totally know what you mean about forgetting summer. This weekend our temps went above freezing for the first time, and I went for a long run just to feel the sun again!

  3. oh gus! know what you mean about summer. i can't at all imagine what it's like now that i've moved to another country, such a strange feeling to look at the leaf-less trees and try to imagine them with green leaves.

  4. what a lovely back yard you have! and now you get to enjoy it with your little one, this year. fun!

  5. You have such a lovely yard. I have some of these photos in my flickr favorites but it's nice to be reminded of them. And to have something to shoot for for my little yard this summer, before summer is here and I while I can still make plans!

  6. We just started hearing birds again today for the first time since the fall. TH and I started reminding each other how nice it is with warm breezes blowing in the open windows with the scent of flowers in the air. . . . *sigh* Why is the winter in Vermont soooo long?

  7. a really lovely space. and great to look back to keep yourself moving forward through these winter days. i'm garden-dreaming big time, too.