i’m happy to be included in jen causey’s beautiful new maker’s project.
jen came by my studio in october and photographed me screen printing linen for pillows.
i was a little self conscious being photographed while feeling large and pregnant, but, as always, jen’s photos are lovely.

be sure to check out the other makers if you haven’t already.

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  1. wonderful, lena! what a cool project. you are a beautiful pregnant lady, and seeing you at work is fascinating.

    i loved the saipua one too. to be surrounded by all those flowers!

  2. hi lena, i love your blog. your printed fabrics are really beautiful and thanks for the link to jen causeys photography…such wonderful images.


  3. I love Jen's makers project. She simply catches the most beautiful things in her photos. Definitely love to see you there. Off to check.

  4. Fun- just saw a post about the same project on the Odette blog!
    Always love taking a peek into the processes of others.
    You are a beautiful woman Lena- pregnant or not!
    Really lovely project.

  5. hello lena! how whow… i am still new to your blog and when i started reading your post, i though to myself "yes, of course, jan's work is really good, everyone will take about it!" like you were just sharing… but then i realized you were the artist featured! amazing work! you inspired me so much and… you look lovely!!! take care! twiggs

  6. great photo essay. Its really interesting to see where your studio and work in progress. Very nice indeed! Ps: you look pretty good too!

  7. i love the first photo.id like a scarf just as the screen looks in that shot 🙂 very beautiful.

  8. Screen printing is so pretty…I remember eons ago in high school art class learning this and this post let me remember that I think I was pretty good at it;)

  9. Lovely photos Lena. I notice that you print without holding the frame in a fixed place i.e. on a screen bed. How do you register your prints if you were printing more than one colour?

  10. found yor blog today, and i just love the pictures, and that you work with screenprinting too!