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  1. ahhh… being pregnant is just the best thing ever
    and the autumn helps to make it even better
    good luck!

  2. I have a serious crush on your dog. I had a miniature male dachsund growing up and really want to own another. such great dogs.

  3. beautiful fall photos. your dog looks so cozy.
    this is a totally random q but where did you get that rag rug? ikea has stopped making them and so has crate+barrel and i am at a loss!

  4. Beautiful…you portrayed fall and your gorgeous pup perfectly! And Lena, thanks for the information on the sewing class too:)

    Julie xo

  5. oh wow. your change stash is lovely. my boyfriend roomie leaves piles and i try to replace the pile areas with cool vessels. but this is a lovely display of catch alls. i am inspired.