i enjoyed this article on renate müller in the ny times design fall 2010 magazine. müller has been making large, labor intensive dolls from jute, leather, and wood since the 1960s. this fall, the tribeca design gallery R 20th century will mount the first north american retrospective of her work, “renate müller: toys and design.”

also- i’d like to check out this book about the design research store.

* pre-orders for brooklyn diary end tonight at 8pm! (the book sill still be available to purchase at the regular price after today).

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  1. I was an early crafter. I had a ton of books on making your own stuffed animals when I was around nine. It's one of the many crafts I dreamed of doing, but never did.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  2. You have a great eye. Love your style and blog!

    We would love for you to stop by ours!

    <3 Glossed&Found

  3. a friend of mine had the big hippo when we were kids. we were riding on it through the desert after school and had many adventures 😉

    i wonder were it went now that we're older…