after seeing a book file on a computer screen for so long, getting the proofs is always really exciting. here are a few photos of the proof for brooklyn diary.

the 2nd and 3rd photos are from the ‘walk’ section of the book. i asked a few brooklyn designers to each map out one of their favorite walks. this one is hikaru furuhashi’s walk in greenpoint. the maps are all functional, so readers can follow them to find the artist’s favorite spots.

also joanna posted a few photos from tim & anna harrington’s ‘home’ section yesterday. tim’s band le savy fav’s new album root for ruin came out last month.

brooklyn diary is available at the discounted pre-order price for one more week.

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  1. After 7 years in Brooklyn, I am set to move soon… I'm really looking forward to having this book as a sweet reminder of my favorite borough!

  2. lena, we're moving to oklahoma (where my husband & i are from). a little respite from new york for a bit. 🙂

  3. looks so good.

    i always love getting proofs in. one of the best things when making books.

  4. Hi Lena! I will be in New York this December and would love to purchase a copy of this book. I met you at the Brooklyn flea back in April 2008 and am wondering if you will have a stall at the flea this December. If not, how could I purchase a copy of the book without buying it online? Thanks!