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  1. That is so darn cute that I almost can't stand it! Gus makes me want to get a dog almost every day.

  2. Oh lord that is soooo freaking adorable.

    But what I *really* want to know is how you're keeping those blankets so perfectly white and doghairless?? As much as I love snuggling up with my pup in bed, the hair he leaves behind is enough to make me want to keep him out.

  3. hi kate,
    i do have to wash my sheets more often and sometimes i think about not letting him in our bed anymore, but i can't bring myself to do it! also he doesn't shed a lot, probably compared to some other breeds. he is so small, he's almost cat-like. he goes on our couches too, and i use a lint roller- works very well!

  4. I mean, my heart is melting. If that were my Kingsley, I'd print that out, tack it up & smile all day long. 🙂

  5. I came over here to your blog because Katie from I go by Katie said there would be a cute Dachshund.

    She was right!

    I have a dappled dachshund named Scout. She is a riot. Love those little doggies.