photograph by kirsten kay thoen

photograph by nidhi malhotra

photograph by brian w. ferry

photograph by sarah palmer

photograph by jessica williams

photograph by jen causey

photograph by jessica antola

photograph by jessica antola

a new book!

lines & shapes is now taking pre-orders for our newest book, brooklyn diary. i’m very excited about this one! we’ve been working on it all summer, and it’s been great to collaborate with all local artists. when maria and i discussed our plans for 2010 we decided to make fewer books so we could spend more time on each one (we made seven books last year– kind of crazy!). being able to spend so much time on this book means i was able to work with a long list of incredible artists, and the book feels very full– in a great way. brooklyn diary will be released on 10/11.

order now at a special discounted price! pre-order customers will receive their books on 10/7, four days before the release date.


about the book:

curated by lena corwin

brooklyn, old and new, is known for its diversity and creative spirit. brooklyn diary takes a look inside the daily lives of twenty-one brooklyn artists, documented by ten different photographers. a place that is both dirty and beautiful, artistic endeavors are abundant in brooklyn– from fashion and photography to organic gardens and distinctive food. the book is divided into categories of walk, eat, shop, home, and studio, and the artists profiled have shared their favorite (often lesser known) brooklyn spots, making it also the perfect, unconventional guide book for those planning to visit.


Lindsey Adams Adelman
Jessica Antola
Jen Causey
Brian W. Ferry
Hikaru Furuhashi
James Gallagher
Julianna Goodman
Jennifer Gordy
Thayer Allyson Gowdy
Tim, Anna, Benji & Casper Harrington
Nidhi Malhotra
Jen Mankins
Lisa Mayock
Caitlin Mociun
Pam Morris
Christopher Silas Neal
Sarah Palmer
Youngna Park
Christopher David Ryan
Sarah Ryhanen
Jennifer Sarkilathi
Shannon South
Bronagh Staley
Kirsten Kay Thoen
Breanne Trammell
Maria Alexandra Vettese
Candice Waldron & Maya Rose
Jessica Williams


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  1. It looks great! I just moved to Fort Green, Brooklyn from Chicago. Can I buy this in a store not by mail?

  2. can't wait to see this book! I love the idea of a focused look at some of the amazing artists here in Brooklyn.