one last california post…

we spent a few days at my family’s cabin in twain harte… went thrifting in nearby sonora, and i got some great baby things… and i did a few projects i’ve been wanting to try. one was yogurt popsicles– like ones i’ve been seeing on food blogs for years. i looked up a few recipes (including this one) for amounts, and then winged it. my first batch was good, but my second batch was sooo good! i also made sierra cedar and penny royal bundles inspired by ones i saw at the heath store from juniper ridge.

a loose recipe for delicious yogurt pops:

-mix 2-3 cups greek yogurt with sugar (to taste). then add a bit more sugar since it won’t seems as sweet when it’s frozen.

– remove skin and slice fruit. i used peaches, blackberries, and plums (peaches worked best). cook fruit and more sugar (to taste) in a sauce pan for just a few minutes to melt sugar. with my second batch i didn’t take the skin off and then ran it through a food mill.

-alternate spooning the yogurt and fruit mixtures into 3oz dixie cups. the small popsicles taste better than the large, i found out. insert a popsicle stick and give the mixtures a little stir. the sticks will stand up straight on their own since the yogurt is thick. place them in the freezer for several hours or until they freeze.

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  1. What are your favorite Sonora thift shops? When I was in college I worked up in Pinecrest and we always went to Red Church in Sonora for our costumes. I haven't been back in a while though.

  2. the yogurt pops look soo good! I especially love the picture of them in front of your shabd tights… going to try them soon, thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. Those bundles are lovely. I'm glad the Popsicle turned out well. I love just winging it!

  4. I use sage bundles all the time…but never thought to try it! Thanks for the inspiration! Looks like it was a great trip:)

    ps…having a very cute giveaway today and would love you to stop over!

    Julie xo

  5. exactly like tie dye! now that the heat's back, i'm wanting to make more popsicles again and these look great. those bundles look fun to make too..

  6. Wow, my great-grandmother had that sheet set in her home and I loved it (top photo, left). Really brings back memories.

  7. I find your post very intriguing and full of ideas and it made me think of ways how to describe these post. It so wonderful, the ideas in my mind all went to a mixed.

  8. these look so good! i love the tie-die swirl.

    and i'd love to know more about the smudge sticks ~ they are so pretty! what kind of string did you use?

  9. love the oppy finds and Im definitely trying the icypoles when Melbourne hits the hot weather. Lena next time you are cruisin the net have a peek at this blog/site I think you wuld love it she is a Sydney photographer who is photo-essaying 52 Sydney Suburbs. Some of her montages are sublime!