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  1. The pizza and peaches look like my kind of food…

    I'm also kind of loving those awesome tights. Any word on where I could find some like those?

  2. I don't know what that outfit is in the last picture, but I would LOVE to see the rest of it. xx

  3. My man and I eloped in SF last year on the 24th of August and our little cake was from Miette. We defrosted and ate our saved piece on Tuesday, and while it was sweet to save it, it was so not sweet to savor it!

  4. you went to all of my watering holes 🙂 i love everything about Camino – decor and food both

  5. I really just have to comment on your leggings, they are tiger print-so cool! Where'd you score those?

  6. aww, you went to two of my favorite places in the bay – Cha-ya and the Temescal farmer's market (i live nearby).

    Those corn tikis are the best!

  7. you went to farmstead! i live in napa and have been hearing great things about it but have yet to see for myself.

    it looks like you had a great trip. 🙂