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  1. I love this and the fabric! Purchased her pattern last week… eagerly awaiting its arrival! 🙂

  2. lena, your dress came out so nicely. it looks great on you. i have yet to finish mine…

  3. The dress turned out nicely and these pictures of you are so pretty, Lena. You have the 'glow' 🙂

    The fabric you chose for the dress looks really interesting- is it woven, not printed?

    Thanks for posting this.It reminded me to buy Jenny's pattern.

  4. Yours turned out great Lena! I have to spend some time this weekend finishing mine as well…
    Thanks to both you and Jenny for the great experience 🙂

  5. Beautiful dress. I love your fabric choice and the simple, yet stylish look of your dress.

  6. oh it turned out so great! i really love that fabric.

    i finished mine last night, and wore it today. the pattern really is perfection, it fits so nicely. now i'm motivated to make a couple more!

  7. nice dress!! i used to do summer dresses like that in my classes too. Too bad I don't have enough time for sewing anymore.

  8. Hi Lena,
    I just wanted to say thank you! I really enjoy reading your blog and you are a great source of inspiration.
    merci, merci!!
    And my childhood dog Tekila looked so much like yours!!!

  9. Gotta say, I used to love all things Wiksten but lately, not so much. The fabric is beautiful and it looks very well made but, to me, it just kinda looks like a nightgown – something I could prolly dup with a $1 Simplicity nightie pattern and a free afternoon. Just saying…

  10. Looks perfect for this weather! Jenny was wearing a plain white linen version of her tank top the other day that was so simple and beautiful.