the sale was great yesterday. i took a few more photos after shabd, wiksten, and manu set up in the morning.

the top photo shows most of what i got at the sale– a deadly squire napkin and tray, mociun pickled beets and napkin set, two sunshine & shadow dresses, shabd tights, and aesa earring studs. i also bought a juliet gorman vase and a mociun dress. it’s always really inspiring to see everyone’s work in one space. i’m so glad to know all these incredibly talented women and to be able to bring our work together this way.

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  1. i wish i got there earlier, since it seems like a whole lot of stuff got snatched up fast. it was nice to see you again, even if it was for a second!

  2. lena, the sale WAS wonderful!! so beautifully set up – it was amazing…..not to rub it in the faces of those who weren't able to make it…. 🙂

  3. thank you so much for putting together such a wonderful sale. i love everything i purchased…only wish i could've gotten more! with a fantastic handful of talented designers all together in one space, it was so hard to choose. if the sale happens again, i'll be getting there bright & early!

  4. thank you for hosting this collaborative sale … such amazing women and designs!

  5. looks a sale that I would have loved to go to. I dont mind so much that I cant go to the markets or sales that you post your photos are always so lovely that I feel like Ive been anyway thanks for that Lena!

  6. these sales look better and better every time! having missed the last two, i hope next time we'll be there.

  7. Beautiful! I'm crazy about that Manu jewelry. I emailed Lauren and hope to get my hands on some soon. I'm not close enough to make it to your sales in person, so thanks for the great pics.

  8. Whenever I see displays of Shabd and/or Mociun, I feel like I'm in a candy shop and I want to eat eeeverything! I hope I get to see these amazing designers one day in person 🙂