i wonder how many steven alan sample sales i’ve been to over the years?! i remember when i first discovered the store on east 11th street, maybe 10-11 years ago. and when i worked at calvin klein i used to go to the sale at the soho store at 8:30am before work. i would go with my friend sherise and score tops and dresses from milkfed, the sofia coppola clothing line that i loved. and the prices were so cheap!

the sale is still great, and i came home with 4 things i really like. i’m most excited about the pants because i like the fit and they’re super comfy. the sale goes on through the weekend. hours and details here.

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  1. These all look great, just checked out the website – wish we had the store in the UK! Can't wait to find some time for a bit of shopping!

  2. i love these pictures. i passed on the online sample sale, but seeing your items makes me regret not buying the floral tank. 🙁 do you know if the prices are cheaper at the brick & mortar?

  3. wish i had had time to prepare a trip to nyc for the sale. those pants look so comfy…

  4. i like what you got! you could wear them all at once and match! i received the post card in the mail… and missed it yet again – at least i can admire your goodies!xo