my order from fog linen arrived earlier this week. it made me giddy! every detail is beautifully designed. i’ll have to take a picture of the linen pillowcases washed. i love them so much. i’m in love with everything i ordered.

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  1. it all is so simple and beautiful. i would use those trays so often.
    did you order from japan, or buy them in brooklyn somewhere?

  2. hmmm, it's in english for me. there is a link at the top right of the fog linen website that switches between english and japanese.

    i ordered these from japan, but i have seen them at the brook farm general store in brooklyn.

    the trays are wonderful!!

  3. i love those trays so much. and linen pillowcases? i didn't know they made them… and now i think i need them.

  4. Lucky lucky you. I really like their products to. Hope some day they will be mine to… .

  5. Fog linen has so much good stuff! I remember first seeing their stuff in the Selvedge(the mag)shop…That was so long ago…Seeing your post reminded me that I really must get some soon!

  6. I like your blog, please visit mine one day, when you have the time! Thanks for sharing. Xx

  7. lovely packaging. i was just at chelliswilson today, which carries the clothing line. gorgeous!

    will try to figure out how to order from the japanese site. it keeps going back and forth between japanese and english. hmm!

  8. Ahhhh Your blog is wonderful, soo nice to find you! Your pictures are so inspiring and beautiful!

    A footprint from

    Agneta & Sweden

  9. ohhh, so good. love the pillow cases.
    i love my fog linen tray that i got here in vancouver. (at provide-